Responses to Recent Presentations

"#librarians: snatch you up some @paulsignorelli for your next staff training day. you won't regret it. #elearning #mpplside16"

--Tweeted by a 2016 Mount Prospect Public Library Staff Inservice Day "From eLearning to Learning" participant, May 2016

"Great webinar; thanks for the knowledge."

--From learner in "Giving and Receiving: The Nuts and Bolts of Moving from 'Networking' to 'Building Sustainable Relationships'" session for PCI Webinars, April 2016

"Thanks for facilitating The Big Give! I left energized and with tons of ideas--a great evening."

--From participant in "Facilitating the Wisdom of the Crowd: The Big Give" session, co-facilitated with Janet Isom for our colleagues at the ATD Golden Gate Chapter (San Francisco), March 2016

"Thank you for a wonderful experience in your short course. I found it to be very informative and my 'brain juices' are flowing when I think about the different ways in which I could help promote library services and programs."

--From learner in "Rethinking Library Instruction: Libraries as Social Learning Centers" four-week online course, March 2016

"Thank you for participating on the SMC (Saint Mary's College of California Library] External Review Committee and for all of your efforts on our behalf."

--From library administrator who organized and facilitated the efforts of our three-person external review committee that was convened to help the campus community plan for the future of its library and library services, February 2016

"This has been a wonderful class, and I'm so appreciative of the opportunities."

--From learner in "Rethinking Library Instruction: Libraries as Social Learning Centers" four-week online course, February-March 2016

"It was so awesome. Someone today in another meeting brought up a point you had already a ripple effect!"

--From "Learning for the Future: Habits of Mind and Teaching for Life Skills" session for faculty at Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA, October 2015

"Outstanding session. Thank you for being so focused on being interactive. Awesome!"

--From "Levels of Engagement: Attracting, Placing, and Retaining Volunteers" session at ATD (Association for Talent Development) Chapter Leaders Conference, Washington, D.C. area, October 2015

"Thank you so much for an excellent, interactive session!...The interaction between you and [co-facilitator] Maurice [Coleman] was such a perfect method of demonstrating how all of this works - and how easy it is that they should all try it."

--From "Playing With Collaborative Tools Online" session via a Google Hangout for a live audience onsite at the Northeast Kansas Library System's Innovation Day, April 2015

" have been the most engaging teacher of any on-line course that I have ever experienced. You certainly put a lot of time into responding to each person's post with more than just a cursory acknowledgement. I have truly gotten more from this particular class than I have in a long list of classes that I have taken online. So thanks for what you are doing."

--From learner in "Rethinking Social Media to Organize Information and Communities" four-week online course, November 2015

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