Additional Topics

--Conflict Resolution/Difficult People:

   Why Am I So Angry (And What Are You Going to Do About It?)

--Flipping Your Learning Environments Onsite and Online

--Let's Go Online: Developing and Implementing Effective E-learning Opportunities

--Making Space: Resetting Your Learning Spaces to Facilitate Results

--Meeting Your Needs Through Blending Onsite and Online Learning

--Mentoring Face-to-Face and from a Distance to Strengthen Your Organization

--Motivating and Retaining Volunteers to Support Your Organization

--No Longer Left Behind: Web-conferencing Basics to Foster Collaboration, Inclusivity, and Engagement

--Presenting: Honing Your Face-to-Face and Online Presentation Skills

--Train the Trainer: Maximizing Learning Resources in Your Organization (a highly customizable multi-session series that can be delivered onsite, online, or in a blended onsite-online format)

--Volunteerism: Designing and Managing Volunteer Programs to Meet Community Needs

--What Ed-Tech Can Do for You in Your Workplace Learning Efforts