Signature Keynotes/Workshops

Partial List of Presentations and Workshops

Paul is available for interactive presentations and to facilitate face-to-face and online (e-learning) workshops on a variety of topics:

Keynote Addresses/Interactive Workshops

--Steps to Success: A System for Creating Sustainable Workplace and Community Collaborations (a day-long exploration using the Hidden Garden Steps project as a case study in team-building, effective collaboration, and project management for businesses, nonprofits, and other groups)

--Game Plan for Gaming Our Way to Effective Collaboration (a day-long, hands-on workshop that explores the foundations of collaboration and effective team-building by engaging in collaborative gaming with Ingress)

--From eLearning to Learning (a day-long, hands-on exploration of how you can better define and incorporate e-learning into your overall learning landscape to the benefit of your employees and those you serve; includes opportunity for pre-selected participants to have their own presentations critiqued)

--Lifelong Learning Bootcamp: Thriving in the Contemporary Workplace (a day-long exploration of how support for lifelong learning produces positive business results)

--Roadmap for Developing the Skills Needed for Effective, Productive 21-Century Training-Teaching-Learning (co-facilitated with Maurice Coleman)

--A Blueprint for the Art of Training: A Day-long Hands-on Exploration of the Art Behind Training (participants will design a training session or learning object they can immediately use in their workplaces)

--Working Together: A System for Building Productive Communities of Learning in an Onsite-Online World (a day-long exploration of what we can do to produce better business results through learning communities)