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Recent Publications

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Workplace Learning & Leadership, a staff training guide co-written with Lori Reed for ALA Editions to highlight examples of trainers as successful leaders within their organizations (April 2011)

Contributor to The Book of Road-Tested Activities (Elaine Biech, editor; May 2011)


*Contributor to 101 More Ways to Make Training Active (Elaine Biech, editor; April 2015)

*Contributor ("Infinite Learning," a chapter on fostering lifelong learning through libraries) to Information Services Today: An Introduction (Sandra Hirsh, editor; March 2015)

Blog Postings

Building Creative Bridges (Articles on training, learning, technology, collaboration, and innovation)

American Libaries Magazine Blog (Guest contributor providing articles on learning, technology, innovation, and libraries for this group blog)

ATD Learning Technologies Blog (Guest contributor providing articles on learning, staff training, technology/ed-tech, and innovation for this group blog)

New Media Consortium Blog (Contributing editor providing articles on technology, innovation, learning, and creativity for this group blog)


"10 Tips for Incorporating Ed-Tech Into Your Own Development,"ATD Learning Technologies blog (3/23/2016)

"Unlearning What We Think We Know to Inspire Successful Learning," ATD's Science of Learning blog (online) (12/30/2015)

"EdTech Continuous Change and Innovation: Nesting With Black Swans," New Media Consortium blog, 7/22/2015

"What Makes a cMOOC Community Endure? Multiple Perspectives From Diverse cMOOCs," Educational Media International.Routledge, 6/19/2015

"Open Innovations: #etmooc, Connected Learning, and 'MOOChorts' of Lifelong Learners," New Media Consortium blog, 9/30/2014

"When (Big) Data Changes the Way We View Our World: A Brief Case Study,"New Media Consortium blog, 9/11/2014

"Be Ready for the Learning Space of the Future"

ATD Learning Technologies blog, 8/14/2014

"Books, Technology, and Learning: Looking at the Past to See Our Future (MOOCs as Textbooks)"

New Media Consortium blog, 6/11/14

"MOOCs: Two Takes on How Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) May Affect Librarians and Library Services"

American Libraries, May 2014

"Learning With the Horizon Report and the NMC"

New Media Consortium blog, 2/10/2014

"Showing Up: Libraries as Catalysts for Change"

American Libraries magazine blog, 1/28/2014

"OK, Glass (Google Glass in Libraries and Learning)"

American Libraries magazine blog, 1/26/2014

"Hanging Out With the Tech Crowd"

American Libraries magazine blog, 1/25/2014