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Paul Signorelli

Paul is a creative, inquisitive, results-driven writer who designs and facilitates learning opportunities, and facilitates transformative conversations designed to produce positive, measurable change. He brings extensive management experience in arts organizations, libraries, and other educational settings to all that he does, and draws upon the experience he gained in earning an M.A. in Arts Administration (Golden Gate University), an MLIS (University of North Texas), and a B.A in Political Science (UCLA).

Author of Change the World Using Social Media, he works with clients to determine what they need to do to change their world; creates highly-interactive sessions to address the challenges they face; and helps foster sustainable onsite and online communities.

Paul, as a trainer-consultant, currently serves as Community Strategist/Storyteller in Residence for the ShapingEDU project under the auspices of Arizona State University; Library Advocacy Training Project Manager for the California Library Association; and an advocate for a variety of causes including universal broadband access and lifelong learning.


Paul, in addition to writing Change the World Using Social Media and co-writing Workplace Learning and Leadership, has had work included in several anthologies; writes for print and online publications; and blogs extensively in addition to writing training material.

Keynote Speaker

Paul, as a motivational speaker, works with clients to design and deliver highly-interactive keynote presentations designed to foster positive change.


Paul designs and facilitates creative, engaging, highly-interactive learning opportunities for onsite, online, and hybrid learning situations.

"CLA Conference 2022: Thanks for the Gifts"

“For three hours yesterday [June 2], I was shoulder to shoulder with a wonderful group of colleagues facilitating a highly-interactive advocacy workshop for people working with libraries and the communities they serve throughout California….This was that wonderful moment when, for the first time since the COVID pandemic radically altered the way we all work, we were shoulder to shoulder in an onsite setting with a group of dynamic learners who were also relishing the opportunity to be off camera and physically (rather than virtually) together….

“When all was said and done, an underlying cause for gratitude and celebration was that all of us in that particular room were acknowledging that the gift of gathering offered by CLA was another step toward our collective commitment to creating ‘a new and better normal’ rather than sitting passively while waiting for a chance to return to a (pre-COVID) ‘normal’ that, in many ways, was not all that great for many of our colleagues and, frankly, many of us…”

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