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Signature Keynote Addresses / Interactive Workshops

Paul is available for interactive presentations and to facilitate face-to-face and online (e-learning) workshops on a variety of topics.

Changing Your World Using Social Media

Changing Your World Using Social Media (highly-interactive keynote presentation, workshop, or webinar focusing on how to effectively use social media as part of your efforts to foster positive change in communities)

From eLearning to Learning

A day-long, hands-on exploration of how you can better define and incorporate online learning into your overall learning landscape to the benefit of your employees and those you serve; includes opportunity for pre-selected participants to have their own presentations critiqued.

Steps to Success: A System for Creating Sustainable Workplace and Community Collaborations

A day-long highly-interactive exploration using the Hidden Garden Steps project and a variety of communities as case studies in team-building, effective collaboration, and project management for businesses, nonprofits, and other groups.
Steps to Success
Social Media To Change the World ft. Paul Signorelli

Storytelling for Advocacy and Learning

A highly-interactive onsite or online sessions showcasing ways in which storytelling can produce positive results in advocacy, learning, and other change-management efforts.

Train the Trainers: A Road Map to Supporting Learners

A highly-interactive multipart series, tailored to your needs, to help participants hone their own training-teaching-learning skills while learning how to help others develop those same skills; available onsite, online, or in a hybrid version beginning onsite and continuing with follow-up sessions online.