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Responses to Recent Presentations

"I  appreciate your humility, honesty, warmth, humor, and ability to connect with and engage participants.  You are a masterful storyteller."
– Participant, "The Attitude of Gratitude " online session through Claremont EAP, November 15, 2023
"Great presentation!" "This information is very helpful." "Paul is an amazing facilitator!!!"
– Participants, "Managing Multiple Priorities: Tips for Efficiency & Organization at Work" online session through Claremont EAP, August 29, 2023
"Could not imagine anyone other than you to walk us through this session. Thank you, Paul"
– Participant, EAP "Coping With Loss & Grief" online session, June 29, 2023
"Thank you, Paul, for previously mentoring and supporting me many years ago when I was a new member of the Association of Talent Development [South Florida Chapter] community. You were always genuine and generous and you played an important role on my journey, managing to strike that 'delicate balance.'"
Marla S. Grant, Esq., Certified Executive Coach, April 22, 2022
“I took your class on social media when I first came back into the library world full time in 2010 or 2011. I wanted to tell you that through Twitter I have reached out to others in the profession as well as authors etc that I have used for many book discussions, readers advisory or other problems. I just wanted to thank you and let you know your course helped me develop in a way I didn’t think possible at that time.”
Paul Signorelli
– Patty Graziani Sussman, participant, four-week online “Rethinking Social Media” course, January 29, 2021.
“I’ve really enjoyed this course and [have] gotten so much out of it. Learning about goals, objectives, [and] outlines has helped me tremendously…I also appreciated your humor and funny, light-hearted videos that you mixed in with the lectures. Thanks for keeping it interesting!”
– Jill Peth, participant, four-week online “Creating Online Tutorials” course, May 2021.
"Years before consulting was even on my radar, the wonderful Paul Signorelli shared some wisdom that I am using today. He told me over coffee at a conference to not let the joys of getting paid today distract me from staying relevant in the future. I'm almost 8 weeks into having one of my feet reconstructed and I am so glad I had a mentor like Paul. As a consultant, if you don't work, you don't eat. His wise counsel so many years ago helped ensure EduJay ( is still here and as strong as ever in 2024."
– Jay Turner, consultant/trainer/keynote presenter, and coach, EduJay, November 30, 2023
"This presenter was a master of audience engagement. He quietly, carefully invited group discussion and wove personal stories into teaching us how to use stories to advocate for an idea or a change. Included were both big picture thinking and detailed application methods to hone a story tailored to a specific audience. Warm and engaging, Paul stayed after in the lobby and spoke with audience members about their own situations. A professional’s professional."
– Participant, "Advocacy, Storytelling, and Libraries" workshop, California Library Association Annual Conference, Sacramento, June, 2023
"Paul Signorelli is a master facilitator. He has a knack for making sure all voices are heard and sessions are productive, constructive, and timely. It's a fine balancing act that he does with all the grace and polish of a Wallenda. "
– Stacy Hawthorne, colleague in the Arizona State University ShapingEDU community, June 17, 2021
"You are not dry and we appreciate that . . . You are like an atmospheric river storm."
– Participant, “Making Meetings Matter: The Art of Effective Meetings” (Claremont EAP session), December 2021), in response to the question “What made this ‘meeting’ [the hour-long facilitated conversation about effective meetings] effective?”
"Paul was very engaging and presented the material in a way that was easy to understand. He showed not only his level of knowledge in the subject matter, but his compassion and belief in the topic.“
- Participant, “It’s About Time: Tips for Time Management” (Claremont EAP session), October 2021).
“I’ve been following @paulsignorelli’s blog since the #etmooc [Educational Technology & Media massive open online course] in 2013. His article about #ShapingEDU’s #LearningMan summer camp is typical in how it connects readers to a vast network of others who are committed to #learning #innovation and #creativity.”
“Your [Future of Libraries] webinar was timely and important. Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship aren’t something that everyone is either versed with or very comfortable with in their lives. But – you presented it in a way that was relatable.”
– From a viewer of an archived webcast recording, April 16, 2020.
“Thanks for this amazing thoughtful post about the #DigitalAdoptionSummit@trainersleaders. –… You have been quite an inspiration to our entire summit team!”
– From whatfix, the sponsor of a magnificent online three-day Digital Adoption Summit (conference) I covered on my Building Creative Bridges blog, May 26-28, 2020.
“Thank you so much for providing such a great learning opportunity. I have downloaded the PowerPoints and saved the links to the video recordings of our sessions. I know that I will be referring to these as I plan my trainings and try to learn more about effective training techniques.”
- From a participant in a four-part train-the-trainer series that started with a full day onsite and continued with three highly-interactive webinars (using Zoom) over a two-month period, March – May 2020.