Developing Opportunities Through Community, Collaboration, and Lifelong Learning

I'm Paul Signorelli, a results-driven San Francisco-based writer, trainer, instructional designer, presenter, social media strategist, and consultant with more than 20 years of experience working with a variety of companies, organizations, and community groups. My associates and I:

*Help people successfully develop opportunities; we work together to foster effective onsite and online training-teaching-learning, community collaborations, team-building, and other creative endeavors

*Tell stories designed to engage learners and those involved in community collaborations and other team-building endeavors

*Listen to others so we can help them hear and act upon the meaningful things they are saying

*Write to document and inspire success in learning and collaborative efforts and to explore innovations in lifelong learning

*Believe that when we seamlessly combine work and play, we are capable of producing magnificent acts of transformation

                                                                  Photo by Dennis L. Maness

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Paul's Online Notebook

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“The core transaction of any consultant contract

is the transfer of expertise from the consultant to the client.”

--Peter Block, Flawless Consulting
   Used by permission of the author